Is This the End of Human Voice Overs?

By Kunal Agarwal | March 29, 2024

  Is This the End of Human Voice Overs? Unveiling the Power of Authenticity in the AI Era When a news article suggesting that AI voices could soon replace human voice overs landed in my WhatsApp group, it sparked quite the debate. As a professional voice over artist who’s been in the field since 2007,…

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Five things every creative must have

Five things every creative must have

By Kunal Agarwal | March 20, 2024

Five things every creative must have Welcome to Sonik Culture Productions’ blog, where we aim to inspire and guide young creatives into building fulfilling careers in music production and beyond. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your creative journey, we understand the unique challenges and rewards that come with being a part of…

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Soundwala Podcast by Sonik Culture

By Kunal Agarwal | May 7, 2020

Soundwala Podcast – Episode 03 – Cooking music and Cooking Episode 03 of Soundwala is here, and it’s sizzling hot, tasty and hopefully ear-catching. I try and explore the parallels between food, cooking and music making and music in general. Music and food are both about taste, culture, region and locality. Good musicians tend to…

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Recording on phone

Record on your phone – Near professional quality audio

By Kunal Agarwal | May 2, 2020

Did you know, that it’s possible to record good quality, dare I say, near professional quality audio on your phone? Yes, you heard it right, you can record on your phone. With technology growing by leaps and bounds and phones becoming more and more powerful in terms of mic, camera and storage, there are plenty…

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Musical Branding

Why is Musical Branding the next big thing?

By Kunal Agarwal | July 5, 2017

Why is Musical Branding the next big thing? or Why do we need Musical Branding?   Music is considered a great influencer of emotions like love, melancholy, fantasy, anger, excitement and others. The importance of music in the everyday life of people can be seen from the fact that according to a survey by, people…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Importance of Benchmarking

By Kunal Agarwal | June 26, 2017

The importance of benchmarking– When working with new clients, one of the biggest issues is understanding their perspective. Communication is the key, but in spite of this, the kind of industry we are in, it is difficult to pre-visualise the outcome no matter how well you communicate it.  Now the main challenge is how do I…

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Criticism- the conditioned response

Criticism- The Conditioned Response

By Kunal Agarwal | June 10, 2017

CRITICISM – THE CONDITIONED RESPONSE: You toil for hours and days and weeks. And after countless iterations, after putting in your creative best, you finally arrive at that masterpiece. ‘This is way better than the previous one’ is what you say to yourself. When you create a piece of art, who is the first and…

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Understanding clients

The Mantra of client servicing: Understanding Clients

By Kunal Agarwal | June 10, 2017

  UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENTS, it is considered the most important aspect of a successful project. Every day, we invest so much time and energy on acquiring technical skill, learning new software and new ways of working.  During this, we undermine the importance of one of the most fundamental aspects of working for somebody. In my experience,…

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