Your Ultimate Guide to Importance of Benchmarking

The importance of benchmarking– When working with new clients, one of the biggest issues is understanding their perspective. Communication is the key, but in spite of this, the kind of industry we are in, it is difficult to pre-visualise the outcome no matter how well you communicate it. 

Now the main challenge is how do I show the client what I have in my head and how do I know what they are thinking. The process of audio-visual creation takes a lot of time, effort and money, so it’s not practical to easy something and then have the client reject it. 

Importance of Benchmarking

This is where benchmarking plays a pivotal role. Benchmarking, as we know involves having a reference point to which we can compare our ideas. It is also about exploring the different ideas that are already present out there and having to know what might or might not work in the given context and desired scenario for the client.

It also serves as an aural as well as a visual medium which is more tangible than mere ideas on paper. It helps to put across your visualisation to the client as well as understand what and how the client thinks. Thanks to the Internet, benchmarking has become ever so easy courtesy the variety of content available. It helps in understanding what the client likes or dislikes. It gives us hints to the style a client may like, the medium of communication and the emotional impact that the creative is expected to have. So, the importance of benchmarking cannot be undermined. Also, it is not about plagiarism or about borrowing ideas but about having a tangible reference point. 

Every client’s needs are different and thus far benchmarking has been to me, one of the most useful processes in pre-production stages of a project. 

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