Learn how to create your own songs in FL STUDIO

Music Producer Pro Course

16 lessons | 2 lessons per Week

  • DAW Music Theory
  • Basics of Digital Audio
  • Introduction and Overview of FL Studio
  • Learning music production while making a song
  • Track deconstruction (Bonus Class)
  • Sound Selection and Arrangement
  • Mixing your song on the go
  • Understanding Sound Synthesis
  • Creative Sound Design


Course Pre-Requistes

  • Passion to learn music production and to create your own songs and music
  • A reasonably good PC/Laptop capable of running audio software
  • FL Studio DAW Software
  • A good pair of headphones and/or speakers to monitor sound
  • MIDI Keyboard (optional but preferred)
  • Audio interface/ Soundcard (optional but preferred)
  • Acoustically treated room for best possible monitoring (optional but preferred)

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