Audio-Music Production


Commonly misspelt as Gingles or Jingel, these are a sort of musical advertisements produced for TV, Radio and Internet. Owing to the highest top-of-the-mind recall, Commercial Jingles are highly effective in creating brand recognition. The finest team of writers, musicians and vocalists at Sonik Culture has an inordinate experience of over 15 years in the field of Jingles production and other forms of Audio Branding such as Music Logo, Audio Logo, Mp3 tag, Ad Music and Mnemonics.


In the category of Audio-Music Production, Sonik Culture has stellar repute as innovative radio productions producer. The team here is highly versatile and efficient in producing a range of Radio commercials, Radio Program ID, Station ID, Top of the Hour segments, Intro Music, Music Beds and packaging for Radio Shows, Radio Sweepers, Radio Stinger Bumper and Retail Radio production for local, national and international Radio stations. Contact us today for queries related to radio production.


Another strong point of our Audio-Music production team is Corporate Anthems. Corporate Anthems are increasingly being used by companies all across the world to communicate their brand’s story, mission and values. These are termed as the most effective music branding technique. Our Production House meticulously designs and produce Corporate Jingles and Corporate Songs integrating the most inspiring corporate music for the ultimate purpose of audio branding.


Sonik Culture, the Music Studio manoeuvres bespoke music pieces and outstanding compositions for Film Songs, Music Albums, Background Scores and Events. Each note is carefully put together to present melodious, cinematic, and groovy pieces of music intended for Songs Production, Background Music for Videos and Background theme music for events and Shows. We are an Audio-Music production company and Music Production is one of our major strengths.  So, get in touch with us today for your music production needs.


For the purpose of offering professional voice recordings for Radio, TV and internet, our Sound Studio has a comprehensive Voice Actors library. These Voice Over artists, after undergoing the crucial process of voice casting, employ their voice talent to performing top quality Voice Overs for commercial Spots, narrations and much more.


Our Audio-Music Production House has been rigorously active in the field of E-learning productions for a really long time. As per our insights, we have categorised this sector of E-learning production into 3 different sectors namely Children’s Audio Books Production, Children’s Songs, and Nursery Rhymes for Kids. Contact us today for your E-learning production needs.


On-hold marketing is the ultimate tool for achieving business professionalism as it helps increase the rate of customer satisfaction as well as product sales. Through competitive productions of On Hold Music, Auto Attendants, IVR Recordings and Company Voicemail greetings, we are motivated to provide you with the best solution as per your requirements.


Sonik Culture offers the most competitive services in the field of Audio Post Production for Film and Television which includes Foley Production, Sound Effects Production, Sound Design Production, Mixing Dialogue for Film, and Mixing Film Music.

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