Record on your phone – Near professional quality audio

Did you know, that it’s possible to record good quality, dare I say, near professional quality audio on your phone? Yes, you heard it right, you can record on your phone.

With technology growing by leaps and bounds and phones becoming more and more powerful in terms of mic, camera and storage, there are plenty of good apps which allow you to record WAV files onto your phone. If you take care of a few basics and have the correct settings, you will be surprised at the quality of voice recording that you can achieve with this tiny device that fits the palm of your hand.

Me being an iPhone user (currently using and iPhone XS Max) have found the Rode Reporter App. Its simple, easy to use, has a clean interface and delivers excellent quality. It was originally meant to be used with the Rode Reporter Microphone or the Rode Smart Lav+, but even with the built in mic of the iPhone it delivers well.

A good cross platform app that works both with iOS and Android is Lexis Audio Editor. You can record audio, edit it, add effects and do more with your audio. It takes the whole mobile phone recording process one step further.

There are a few thing which one needs to take care of while recording voice on the phone

  • Treat the phone like any other microphone. Keep it 6 to 8 inches away from the source
  • If you’re recording voice then keep it around 45 degrees to either side to avoid plosives.
  • Record in a quiet room if possible to avoid disturbances.
  • Prefer a room where there are curtains, furniture, books. This works better from an acoustic standpoint as compared to an empty room or a room with bare walls. Sofas, curtains, beds help absorb reflections of sound. Books and other furniture can help break up the sound, scatter it, so that it resonates less.

Below is a hindi tutorial video that I have put together to help people with this process.  I hope you find the video and this article both help in case you plan to record on your phone. Till then this is Kunal Agarwal from Sonik Culture Productions, signing off. Ciao!