Criticism- The Conditioned Response

CRITICISM – THE CONDITIONED RESPONSE: You toil for hours and days and weeks. And after countless iterations, after putting in your creative best, you finally arrive at that masterpiece. ‘This is way better than the previous one’ is what you say to yourself.

When you create a piece of art, who is the first and foremost admirer of it? You yourself. But, It is now time to face the world. Let’s see what friends and family have to say about this.

Here comes the criticism. Were you ready for this? Of course, you were. After all, you do need constructive criticism. What happened to that intuitive urge that kept saying ‘this is it’? Well, it seems you got it wrong. You are now being subjected to various different perspectives in the disguise of constructive criticism. Yes, the fine line between constructive criticism and destructive criticism is hard to define but then how do you take all of it?

No criticism is good and definitely, not all of it is constructive. We are all slaves to our past experiences and influences and that’s how we know what’s right or wrong or socially acceptable. So when you share your creative work (music/ song/ art/ photos), the opinion you get is a conditioned response. It is based on the conditioning the person has had. It is thus important that you understand the background and thought process of the person whose comments you are about to accommodate.

To summarise it all, I just want to say that as much as it is important to appreciate critique you receive from your clients, don’t let it all get to you. Do not let it make you feel that your work is not worthy.

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