The Mantra of client servicing: Understanding Clients

The Mantra of client servicing: Understanding Clients

Understanding clients

< Understanding clients > is considered the most important aspect of a successful project. We invest so much time and energy on acquiring technical skill and learning new software and new ways of working that we undermine the importance of one of the most fundamental aspects of working for somebody.

In my experience, I have found that apart from one’s technical and creative skills there is one very important aspect that is often less talked about. That is how to handle a client.

We are in a service-based industry and client servicing is as important as creating that audio video production that is expected of you. In handling a client, the first step is to understand how he or she thinks and then be able to put your creative idea into their perspective.

I have found that sometimes some of my work that has generally been appreciated by other people has been rejected by certain clients. This is perhaps because their vision was different from my understanding. Thus, this in itself is a great testament to the fact that understanding clients and the way they think is important to interpret their need in order to fulfil their requirement. This may sometimes seem like a tedious task but understanding clients is one of the most important steps towards successful completion of the project.

No matter how big or small the company is, remember that at the end of the day you are dealing with a person or a group of people within the company. They are representing the company and the company’s ideology and they are the decision makers. Some of the most creative ideas without the right communication may not get through to the client so understanding the clients is all but a very necessary skill to possess.

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